About Taiga Tile + Stone

Since 2009 Taiga Tile + Stone has been gaining attention in the Manitoba construction industry by leading the way through innovation, having a product quality second to none, and above all, by keeping our customer’s satisfaction priority #1. Our extensive product and industry knowledge enables us to form a design plan that is beautiful, functional and that will last a lifetime!

Message from the President

Taiga Tile + Stone is a family owned and operated business, servicing Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We strive to be the leader in quality and design, while building deep relationships with customers, all at an affordable price.

At a young age, I realized that construction was in my make up and it was something that came very natural for me. I decided that choosing any other career path would most likely end up in a missed opportunity. Spending time working on job sites and getting a feel for the industry, one thing became very clear to me. There was a very broad spectrum in terms of talents and knowledge on the job site in both the trades, as well as contractors running the jobs. So, while there were some truly spectacular jobs that were just a joy to be on and to watch come to fruition, others were not so much. I truly felt for the customers that were giving their hard earned money over for a product that was not only sub-par, but is bound for failure in the near future.

When I decided to go into business for myself, I wanted to to choose a trade where this was most evident to me. That’s what led me to tile.

Tile is a rapidly changing industry, that requires the utmost attention to manufacturers installation requirements and recommendations, as well as personal experience and ability to adapt our current knowledge to new situations. With new products coming in such as extreme large format tiles, glass of all variations, and others; combine that with some extremely talented designers who are pushing tile into all sorts of new installation situations, such as steam rooms, heated shower floors, decorative ceilings etc, this is where Taiga Tile + Stone excels, and is sure to exceed your expectations. Taiga has an impeccable track record on jobs ranging from small residential to large commercial, working together with designers and contractors, ensuring a happy customer before our job us complete. So when planning your next renovation or building product, allow us to give you the Taiga experience!